What is the Pitch Bootcamp?

The Pitch Bootcamp Accelerator program is a structured 8 week training program that culminates in a 7-minute on-stage pitch to the MedTech’s investor club.

Companies selected by representatives of our Board and faculty, are invited to join a training program comprised of lectures, workshops and personal mentorship from our member pool.

Meetings of up to 6hrs take place weekly in Raanana with 3-5 sessions per meeting.

We focus on topics relevant to regulated and non regulated healthcare startups: marketing strategy, market analysis, financial strategy, IP, regulatory strategy, approaching the digital health market, reimbursement, clinical trials, board formation, presentation skills and pitching to investors.

We do not take equity and charge only a participation fee.

Who can apply?

1 – Companies/Entrepreneurs with product related to the Healthcare industry including digital health, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biologics, combined products, health IT.

2 – Presenting companies must have a clear definition of their product preferably with proof of concept (not an idea, just a technology or a service)

3 – Companies should have IP in preparation or submitted

The program fee is NIS 2,500 (+VAT) per company. We do not take equity and do not charge any other fees.

The Bootcamp participants compete in the final Pitch Investor presentation for a package of services provided by our sponsors.


How do I know if the bootcamp is right for me?

 Ask our alumni and consult with our team – if you are an early stage Healthcare startup trying to tell your story, looking for guidance, funding, connections or just want to learn how to stand on stage and pitch to 100 investors – then this program is right for you! 

How successful are your alumni?

We have had 11 cycles of our bootcamp with 6-12 companies in each. 6 of our alumni have completed their A round. 9 companies received seed funding during or after their bootcamp program and 6 of our alumni have gone into Israel Innovation Authority incubator programs. Some of our alumni have pivoted and/or are working on their next fundable milestone.

Do you take equity for bootcamp participants ?

We do not take equity for the bootcamp, there is a fee associated with the program

When does your next Pitch Bootcamp cohort kick off ?

Pitch #12 kicks off on Tuesday, June 30, 2020

What is the deadline to apply to the next Pitch Bootcamp?

June 12, 2020

Pitch Bootcamp #11 startups:

Left neglect is a neurological syndrome that commonly occurs after stroke. Patients with left neglect can see everything but pay no attention to things in the “neglected” side. Oculeft is developing a cognitive rehabilitation AR App with ML methods and voice support, incorporated in smart glasses – that will enable bring back the real world to various patients with left neglect. Oculeft App will teach the patient the ability to regain their independence by completing everyday tasks.
contact– Moshe Carmel, CEO. btcarmel@gmail.com

When patients press a nurse call button, nurses have no insight into the urgency or the nature of the request. Nurses cannot prioritize calls, resulting in a lengthy average wait time of 20 minutes. Hospitals are deploying significant time and capital on this inefficient process, hurting their bottom line. Poor patient satisfaction results in reputational harm and fines for the institution. Our app allows patients to send specific requests to the nursing staff. Nurses will be equipped with a list of requests, that is prioritized and delegated to the appropriate staff. The increased visibility into patient need will lead to faster response times, while nurses will be more efficient overall. The app will create insight-driven reports, allowing hospitals to optimize staffing and supply management. Overall patient care is enhanced allowing for healthier patients and happier employees.
contact-Dean Shilo, CEO. dean@hospi-call.com  Adam Miller, COO/CFO. adam@hospi-call.com

A team of senior former Teva directors with combined 60+ years and more than 60 projects in diagnostics and 505(b)(2) drug development have secured exclusive worldwide rights to two pharma assets, in the migraine and depression space. What makes these projects unique is that they have already passed a rigorous internal evaluation at big pharma and were approved with a very positive risk-adjusted NPV.
contact-Dr. Mark Hasleton, CEO. mark@428pharma.com

PainPal is a web and mobile behavioral health platform empowering people with chronic pain to adopt a lifestyle and practical skill-set proven to reduce pain and increase functioning, based on cutting-edge pain neuroscience research. PainPal provides on-demand access to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) treatment for pain through virtual care available anytime, anywhere, and an AI-driven personalized and gamified behavior change program. Our goal is to disrupt how chronic pain today is treated, to provide a safe, evidence-based and cost-effective alternative to the massive pain and opioid epidemics, and to change the story of people in pain.
contact-Yael Stern, CEO. yael@painpal.health