Omri Cohen

Omri Cohen

Co-Founder & CTO at Singula Health, Augmented Healthcare.

A seasoned technology director with a business orientation and wide experience in Technology Architecture and Product Management focusing in the Healthcare Industry.

Prior to founding Singula Health, Omri was VP R&D at Data2Life, a Health intelligence platform that enables better and faster decision making across the Pharma and Cannabis industries.

Prior to that, he served as SW Manager and Innovation Product Manager at LifeWatch, a remote monitoring services and technologies company and the owner of the world’s first medical smartphone.

Omri holds a BCS in computer science (Ben-Gurion University) and MA in Psychotherapy (Lesley University) focusing on Expressive Therapies, investigating the encounter between the mind and the soul, passionate about true artificial intelligence and the power of big data.

Specialties: Research & Development; BigData and AI; Product Management; Technical Scouting; Technical Due-diligence; Medical SDLC.